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Look for our special offers throughout the year on various treatments!

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MFA Clinic Special*

We are continuing our MFA Clinic Special for those who do not have Healthcare Insurance Coverage.*

For first-time patients, three Treatment Sessions for $135(no refunds)

Afterwards, $50 per session (DISCOUNTED PRICE)  

(Original price $70 per session)

* For those who have healthcare insurance, we accept most insurance plans (Covered California, Blue Shield HMO, Blue Cross HMO, Kaiser, Medicare SCAN, and more)

MFA Weight Loss

& Detox Program*

  • Detox Heating Therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Natural Herbal Medicine

  • Improved Metabolism

  • 4 Treatments for 2 Weeks

      Affordable Treatment Cost     

      By Appointment Only

*This program is not covered by Health Insurance.

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